Kirk Kage

Reportin' In

“Being a Canadian artist with a Jamaican background, I’ve found myself being inspired by various type of music, from hip hop to rock, reggae to dancehall even classical, jazz and blues. My music is about the life that we live, whether it throws you ups and down or whether things are going good or bad. I take those various situations in life and turn them into music and at the end of the day I want to give some food for the thoughts along with a good time. I put out my music to take you to places and to give you a touch of reality… From my point of view, in this life we are all in it together… And as artists, it’s up to us to set or maintain trends. My goal as an artist is to use the instruments of technology and my voice as tools to entertain and perform to as many people as possible. I hope to inspire people to never give up on themselves and their dreams. Just do it!”

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